A Showroom Of Exceptional Products For Discerning Tastes
 About Us

The Bath + Beyond opened in 1986 with the idea and promise to offer the most exciting full service bath fixture and faucet showroom available anywhere. The goal was to create a completely new and different environment; a gallery of exceptional products for discerning tastes in decorative plumbing. We staffed, and continue to staff, The Bath + Beyond with the best and most qualified associates in the industry to make sure your journey into the world of decorative plumbing will be both educational and enjoyable, and of course, a journey that ends in an exceptionally good looking wet room. All the products offered by The Bath + Beyond are tested and proven for quality, true value, and aesthetic appeal - whatever your preferred style and taste..

Dave Patters, General Manager
Joining The Bath + Beyond in 1988 Dave is one of the veterans at The Bath + Beyond and our General Manager. His sense of humor and ease at making friends creates a friendly atmosphere for the employees and the customers. He enjoys golf, vintage cars, Giants baseball and 49er football. His free time is always spent with family and friends. He especially enjoys spending time with his granddaughters. His favorite food is his mother’s authentic Mexican food. If you like how our products are displayed in the showroom, credit goes to Dave, a job he is most proud of. His favorite travel destinations include a beach where it is warm, blue water, and an umbrella drink.
Michelle Coles, Sales Associate
With a degree in Interior Design from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Michelle joined our staff in 1988. She continues to be a favorite with our customers. Michelle has many repeat customers especially amongst interior designers and architects. All you have to do is tour the showroom with Michelle to understand that she is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Decorative Plumbing. She is a California native and enjoys boating, photography, shopping, reading and travel. Every year you can count on Michelle spending vacation time in Hawaii or boating on the Delta. Fiji and Tahiti are on her travel wish list. Her favorite foods are Mexican and Chinese. She enjoys an eclectic mix of movies; movies inspired by Jane Austin books and Tom Clancy adventures. If she won the lottery she would retire and buy a house on the water.
Colleen Finney, Sales Associate
Colleen Finney, Sales Associate Joining The Bath + Beyond in 2002, Colleen has built up a strong client list and answering the question; What do you like about your clients, she answers – “that they love beautiful things and want to be involved in making their home special.” She enjoys hiking, biking and puzzles such as Sudoku and Logic. In her free time you will find her enjoying time with her friends and family – especially her grandchildren, watching movies, shopping, walking 3 dogs and doing the laundry! Originating from the Pacific Northwest she enjoys Chinook salmon and Ahi tuna- a close second to chocolate chip cookies.
Allen Galvin, Sales Associate
Allen received his degree in Interior Design in 1986. A Southern California native Allen worked in residential whole house design. He also spent time as an Art Director for Film and television. He is most proud of his work on 21 luxury condos in Hancock Park. A like for photography and travel, he’s always off to an interesting destination when vacation time rolls around. He enjoys travel to Florence, Italy and the Amalfi Coast. Paris is his favorite city and he is fluent in French. You might also see him zipping around San Francisco on his red Vespa. If you’re looking for that extra little design touch or detail, or that right puzzle piece to really make your project sing, Allen will be of great value to you. Movies enjoyed include period or action films and lottery winnings would be used for collecting sports cars.
Jim Logan, Sales Associate
Jim comes to us from Ohio where he went to college to become an architect. Early on he decided to specialize in kitchens and baths while working for a home improvement center. That was over 20 years ago, making him a “seasoned veteran”. Jim has two great dogs. He enjoys cycling, hiking and gardening. He also enjoys home improvement projects, so if you have a question on your project Jim just might have the answer you are seeking. When asked “What do you like best about your clients” he answered, “They’re fun to work with.” Doing a bathroom, either new construction or a remodel, can be, at times, trying on the customer. Let Jim help you make the experience “fun”. Jim is proud to say that many customers have become great friends. Lottery winnings would be used to restore and remodel “lots of buildings”. He likes seafood and he would like to travel to Machu Picchu, Peru.
Valerie Simon, Sales Associate
Valerie started in the industry over a decade ago getting her sea legs at other decorative bath showrooms and joined The Bath + Beyond Sales team in 2015. In addition to loving Thai food she also loves to cook. She is involved in various exercise classes and enjoys walking her dog, Tigger. What she likes about her clients is that they believe in her and trust her help and advice. As for movies and TV, she lists Argo, 12 Years a Slave and Peaky Blinders. Travel to Belgrade and surrounding areas visiting friends would be on her bucket list after a lottery win.
Mike Murphy, Operations Management
Mike has been with us since 1998. Initially full times in sales he grew into the IT end of the business. In Mike’s own words: “I am an extreme introvert which is a large reason why I enjoy my main job duties of data base and operation systems managements. I have always been good with numbers and am fascinated by computer technology so combining the two certainly fits my comfort zone. Ellis Redding in the Shawshank redemption would obviously say the job appeals to my meticulous nature.” His time away from work is usually spent tinkering in his garage with some woodworking or in his man cave with a few casual hobbies such as tuning in to a good NHL game especially if the SJ Sharks or LA Kings are playing. His greatest satisfaction in life is his three loving daughters, all very responsible hard working UC graduates. He is fortunate that they are all close to home where he can still spend time with them.
Kathy Smith, Sales Administrator / Customer Service
Kathy is one of the go-to staff when you need customer service. When asked what she liked best about her clients, she answered – “Their friendship and loyalty”. She joined The Bath + Beyond in 2005 when she moved back to California from Arizona where she had built a successful aerospace business. She brings to the team patience, honesty, sophistication, attention to detail and reliability. Her hobbies include reading, writing and art appreciation. In 2014 Kathy took one of her desired “dream vacations” – a trip to London. Her favorite movies are period works such as Pride & Prejudice and action films like Bourne Identity.
Sam Jabri, Sales Support
Sam will be the first one you meet at The Bath + Beyond. He greets everyone with a smile on his face and a short introduction to newcomers to the showroom. Joining our team in 2013, he has a strong customer service background as well as kitchen design. If you visit our social media sites, more than likely Sam had a hand in the postings. Sam brings an upbeat and youthful attitude that makes our clients feel even more excited about their projects. He enjoys spending free time with family and friends, hiking, mountain biking and art and craft projects. He would love to take a Mediterranean cruise and if he won the lottery he would build his dream house.
Harold Tabios, Operations Coordinator
Growing up right here in Potrero Hill, Harold has the shortest commute of any of us. He lives so close that he can walk home for lunch! Prior to coming to work for The Bath + Beyond in 2011, Harold performed accounting and management functions in Parking & Transportation in San Francisco for over 17 years. If Harlod had a free ticket to travel anywhere it would be to the Philippines to learn more about where his family history. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.
Giovani Hernandez, Warehouse
Gio also joined us in 2008. You can find Gio making deliveries around San Francisco and helping out on the longer hauls. When asked what is one thing you bring to The Bath + Beyond to give it personality, he answered- “Good Customer Service”. Favorite movies are Forrest Gump and Willow. He enjoys BBQs and hanging out with family and friends. Gio enjoys life! If he won the lottery you’d find him packing for a long trip to Guatemala to visit family, sharing some of the winnings with a charity and buying a new house for his Mom. He’d like to start his own business someday.
Alvin Zulueta, Warehouse
Alvin is a newcomer to B+B but he brings construction knowledge in his background. Hobbies include cooking – another cook on the B+B staff! Thai food is his favorite. He is also into various sports. In his free time Alvin enjoys time with his family, especially on vacation. Movies Alvin likes include anything action, adventure, drama or comedy…in other words just about everything. Vacation dreams are set on Florida since he has never been there, with a visit to Disneyworld, the beaches, taking in a Miami Heat game and of course checking out a few of the many culinary delights. Alvin says if he won the lottery he’s buy himself his dream car, a 1969 SS Camaro drop top and buy his family their dream home.